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Hand sanitizer is only as good as its effectiveness and accessibility – we have both covered! Tinisize™ is made with 70% Organic Ethanol and Plant-Based moisturizers. This makes for a scent free, zero residue experience within 20 seconds of application!

Tinisize™ Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets
Tinisize™ Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets
Tinisize™ Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets
Tinisize™ Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets
Tinisize™ Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets
Tinisize™ Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets
Tinisize™ Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets

Tinisize™ Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets


Why use Tinisize instead of bottled sanitizers?

  • Easy to carry: Sanitizers are often sold in bottles, where even the smallest can be inconvenient to carry, but Tinisize Packets are a compact and easy way to sanitize your hands, no matter where you are. It's the real travel-size sanitizer!
  • Easy to use: This is an easy way to keep your hands clean, without the mess of bottles that can uncap in your bag and sprays that spread all over. Simply tear open the bag, bend the packet, squeeze the gel into your palms till it's empty, and rub your hands together until dry.
  • Packs a punch: An individual packet gives you an ample supply of sanitizer to ensure a thorough clean. The packets come in travel pouches for added portability and an overall neat aesthetic. You can keep a bag in your car, Your locker, your desk at work, etc.
  • Organic & Vegan Ingredients: Tinisize uses 70% Organic Ethanol to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. We use plant-based moisturizers, so it does not dry out your skin and provides an added layer of comfort and protection when sanitizing your hands. Tinisize is recyclable, vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free! Try it today!

Love it or your money back!

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Love it or your money back!

On The Go Mom

You're a mom, so you're always on the go - take some Tinisize with you!

Throw a few Tinisize in with your children's lunch for school. The organic ethanol base makes it very safe for their skin!

For Your Kids

Made For Sharing!

Share our Tinisize Sanitizer Packets with your closest and most vulnerable loved ones.

Secure that inheritance by showing Gram-Gram and Pop-Pop you care, with Tinisize!

Because You're Generous

Is That A Sanitizer Bottle In Your Pocket?

Have you ever walked around with one of those small hand sanitizer bottles in your pocket?

Well, stop it. People are staring. Get some Tinisize, instead!

For Your Convenience

Your Workouts

I bet you never thought you would find something to fit those tiny pockets on your yoga pants. Well let us introduce you to our little friends!

For The Gym

Your Next Flight

Flying is back! Which means so are filthy airplane food trays. Come prepared with Tinisize on your next trip!

For Your Vacay

Walking Your Dog

Use Tinisize on your next walk, because that thin bag just isn't enough space between you and your doggo's poo...

For That Feeling


Whether you own a restaurant, salon/spa, or do event panning, we have an option for you! Our Tinisize Bulk Boxes and Tinisize Display Bowls are great options for businesses interested in distributing these handy little packets to their customers/clients or guests!


Any location - any theme - Tinisize!

Elegant Affair

Make Tinisize a guest amongst your most elegant décor!

Apps & Desserts

Tinisize is the new after dinner mint! Let your customers cleanse their hands of the bill.

Hotel? Trivago. Takeout? Tinisize.

Add that extra bit of value to your takeout packaging by including a couple Tinisize Packets along with your customer's order. It's a nice touch they'll appreciate!

Now Available On Amazon!

You can also get Tinisize on Amazon Canada🍁 along with your other online favorites!

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Give-Back Initiatives

From Tinisize’s inception, we’ve always wanted to give back however we can, and at every stage of our company’s journey. The goal is to support at least one environmental cause and another for the less fortunate amongst us. As a young company, we aren't able to do as much as we'd like to just yet, but with time and your support, our Tinisize Donations can grow to Tinisize Solutions.

With that, we are honored to partner with the OneTreePlanted organization, whose focus is on global reforestation and biodiverse habitat creation, and the Community Crew organization, which currently provides over 3500 lunches, 3 times a week to school kids from food-insecure households.

Every purchase made on our website will help plant a tree and give lunches to kids in need. Tinisize will be contributing to these efforts, regardless, but every order will provide further support.

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